Why Lightworkers Need to Stay Informed

As a rule, Lightworkers are a compassionate bunch dedicated to some type of service. Being a Lightworker simply means that you came to the planet not just to take, but to give back a little more than you received; to help bring some spiritual light to the planet. However, this is a daunting job in a profit-driven, globalized, materialistic world. It requires a tricky balancing act of empathy, compassion, and toughness, essentially becoming the peaceful warrior.* It requires listening to your heart. It requires you to grasp what happened in the past, see what is happening now, and sense what is coming down the pike in the future. It requires you to feel for those who have been displaced

A Message of Hope

[I wrote this letter to Medicine Signs Spiritual Center members in April 2008, but never sent it out. It is still very timely and expresses the frustrations of running a nonprofit church as well as the joy and hope that comes with it. It explains our real purpose.] From time to time people have wondered why we keep Medicine Signs Spiritual Center going when it has been such a struggle over the past twenty-five years. Certainly, Cathy and I could be involved in for profit enterprises that make money and bring in a consistent income. Like all of you, our talents are not just limited to spiritual work. So, we could talk about how good the church makes us all feel. We certainly enjoy the w

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