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Chariot of Fire Basic Merkaba Class

Ask any of Cate's students which is the most powerful of her classes, they will all say Merkaba.  They love all her classes, but this is the cherry on top of the cake.  You will want to participate in this amazing weekend workshop, because it so accelerates your spiritual growth and ascension process.  Profound meditations and teachings!

Mystery Schools of Ancient Continents from Lemuria, to Atlantis, to Egypt, used special spiritual exercises to purify their initiates and expand their consciousness. Initiates, who reached high levels of consciousness through these exercises, were given The CHARIOT OF FIRE MERKABA LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION. These spiritual mystery school techniques use the emotion of Love to activate certain energy fields around the physical body called Merkaba Fields. This allowed them to travel into higher dimensions of consciousness. The initiates practiced these techniques daily and these, along with their adventures and experiences gained from multidimensional travel, rapidly accelerated their spiritual evolution.

All Chariot of Fire Light Body Activations are based on Unconditional Love. We have all heard, "All You Need is Love", [Beatles] and now supporting this statement is the fact that only Unconditional Love can activate the energy fields around the human body. These powerful spiritual practices will rapidly expand your consciousness and speed up your spiritual evolution. The Basic CHARIOT OF FIRE Meditation has been used and kept secret by the mystery schools since the earliest of times on Mother Earth. For thousands of years, the basic techniques were only available to a select few who attained certain levels of consciousness.



  • Time-tested, Guided Karma Clearing Meditation will prepare participants for the CHARIOT OF FIRE Merkaba Light Body Activation

  • Cleanse 31 chakras

  • Discover how to activate your spiritual energy fields into Merkabas for spiritual consciousness expansion and multidimensional travel

  • Multiple CHARIOT OF FIRE Merkaba Activation Meditations

  • Explanation of Leonardo DaVinci's Vitruvian Man's connection to the Merkaba

  • Consciousness expansions through Infusions of Unconditional Love and its Sacred Light

(Basic Chariot of Fire training is a prerequisite to the Advanced course.)

To reserve your space, please go to, check the class and fill out the Class Registration Form.


Please DO NOT mail Cash. Checks, Visa, Master Card, Discover & AMEX Accepted.  Payment plans are available ONLY if prearranged. For additional information, please contact Cate at 786.210.2579.


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