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Welcome to The Light University where we offer a variety of spiritual classes and workshops to satisfy your thirst for spiritual learning and help you find the spiritual path that is right for you.  Click on the "Classes" Drop Down Menu on the Navigation Bar or click on them below for the classes that interest you.  We offer:


The Tarot Course to help you discover your inner reader and enhance your spiritual intuition.  A great spiritual guidance tool and anyone can learn it.  Learn the beautiful sacred symbols, numerology, astrology and sacred teachings that accompany the cards.  Ten weeks, three hour class per week.

The Essential Oils Course is a series of classes to teach you how to use these amazing oils for health and wellness, healing, and cleansing.  It is a practical, hands on course.


The Chariot of Fire Basic Merkaba and Advanced Merkaba Weekend Workshops which activate your Light Body, accelerate your spiritual growth, teach Sacred Geometry, and deepen your meditation skills.  Everyone who has taken the course agrees that it is one of the most powerful and life-transforming courses they have ever experienced.


The Ministry I Course is entitled The New Ministry of the 21st Century—Your Place in Saving Our Precious World.  This year long course meets one Sunday per month and will help you discover your Higher Purpose/Mission/Ministry.  You then develop a blueprint to actuate your Higher Purpose.  Through the course we remember our Starbirth, connect to our spiritual guides and Ascended Masters, and learn about all the great spiritual traditions and teachers who have come to serve our planet (Judeo-Christian, Native American, Buddhist, Hindu, Islam, Goddess, Universalist, Taoist, Confucianist, Wiccan, and Shaman).


The Ministry II Course is entitled Taking it to the Next Level: Living the Mission, and that's exactly what it does.


The Reiki Certification Training for Reiki I and II, Reiki III and Shamballa Reiki Master IV allows you to become the healer you always wanted to be for yourself and others.

The Light University

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