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A Fresh Cup of Tolerance

In October 2015, A Fresh Cup of Tolerance was published.  Subtitled, Universalism:The New Religion of Tolerance, this breakthrough book explores all aspects of Universalist Theology.  Tom and Cathy Norris, the authors, spent over ten years researching and developing the theology.   Tom's Doctoral Dissertation Committee noted they could not comment on the dissertation that was the foundation for the book because it was a new theology.  They emphasized this was not a criticism, but a compliment.  Click on the website to go to the book website,


You can purchase the book through, Barnes and Nobles, and all the major booksellers.  Click on the title to purchase an e-book, hardcover or softcover copy of A Fresh Cup of Tolerance.  So far, we have all five star reviews, so we hope you will enjoy the read.

These are the liner notes from the book cover to give you an idea what is covered inside.

"With over seven billion people on the planet and a lot more coming, learning to get along and live (love) together is essential to our survival. In a crisis our best nature surfaces, but we seem unable to sustain a sense of true community and remain in the heart of compassion for more than a few CNN weeks at a time. Understanding this, A Fresh Cup of Tolerance offers a revolutionary theory of Universalism--providing a pathway of hope for a troubled and divided world. In doing so, it addresses some of the foremost dilemmas of our time: * Environment * Globalization * Feminist and gender issues * Religious strife * Oppression * Poverty * War * Prejudice. Theologically, it systematically explores: * Our world's multi-layered views of God * Our place in the world * Good, evil, sin and suffering * Ongoing revelation * Spirituality in the digital age * Love and community * Spiritual liberation. Nevertheless, A Fresh Cup of Tolerance is not just a pleasant, vanilla treatise on love; it's a living, breathing, dynamic faith-in-action theology free from rigid words (scriptures), beliefs (dogma) or practices (rituals). Pulling from centuries of global religious tradition--including teachings from Native American, Asian, pagan and neo-pagan Goddess, Judeo-Christian, Islamic ways of life and more--this truly Universalist theology serves as a "call to action" for those individuals desperately seeking a world full of loving relationships and respect."

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