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Spiritual Counseling

Medicine Signs Spiritual Center works in conjunction with Inner Life Transformations, a private counseling practice owned by our founder and Senior Minister, Rev. Dr. Tom Norris.  Inner Life Transformations provides online and in-person Spiritual Counseling, Guidance and Healing around-the-world and locally.  Click on the name to go to the website,


Sometimes it is difficult to describe the power of the work we do. It is probably my Minnesota upbringing. You weren't supposed to talk about yourself or you were bragging. At the same time we need to convey that this is not just any therapy. It truly is some of the most innovative, transformational, creative and challenging work you will find anywhere. Anywhere! We aren't kidding when we say it changes lives, and we are passionate in our desire to help you transform yours. One of the people I work with reviewed our website and said it best.


"One thing that really stood out to me as I was reading the page that describes Spiritual Counseling; it doesn't do you or what you do justice.  I am referring to the fact that reading it doesn't bring up the power behind your style of work.  Having been a client now for a year, I was like, wait! This doesn't communicate the effectiveness, healing, and power behind what it really does.  Especially in comparison to traditional psychotherapy. It's what makes Inner Life Transformations so special.  It's really about the "power" of spiritual counseling that can't be found in other forms of traditional therapy. I think that message has to be conveyed loud, clear, and passionately."


I hear her.  And, I am reminded that what makes this work so powerful is the addition of Spirit.  We connect at levels that go far beyond the mind and emotions, and truly reach deep into the soul. Will you join us on a wonderful journey of spiritual healing and emotional growth?

Like a compass, Spiritual Counseling sets us in the right direction--on a healing journey of self-discovery and transformation.  Combining the best of psychological and spiritual principles, it is a highly effective method of personal and spiritual growth.  We are here to meet your needs, so you are a partner in choosing how best to help you resolve your issues and problems.  Some of the techniques we use include:


· Talking it Out                                          · Guided Meditation


· Prayer and Affirmation Work              ·  Career, Life, Relationship, Spiritual Goals                             


· Dream Work                                           · Yoga Principles


· Chakra and Energy Balancing             · Akashic Records/Spiritual Readings


· Soul Healing                                           · Shamanic Journeying 

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