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Ministry I Course

The New Ministry of the 21st Century--Your Place in Saving Our Precious World

This yearlong course is for every spiritual person who has had that restless feeling that they are supposed to be doing something more in this world, but can't quite put their finger on what that exactly is. 

We have a simple answer for you.  Yes!  You are here to do something more and this course will help you discover or define your Spiritual Ministry/Mission/Higher Purpose.  It will help you  learn to balance service to others and service to self, while discovering the real you and your life purpose.  You will learn about many of the great spiritual teachers and traditions that contribute to our work as Universalists. At the end of the course you may choose to be ordained as an Assistant Minister in Medicine Signs Spiritual Center, which is a recognized nonprofit church in Florida and the United States.  Since 2005 we have had over 90 gradates of both our Ministry I and II Courses in 16 Classes.

This is not just a knowledge-based course, but is transformational through the work we do as a group and opening ourselves to the higher spiritual realms through skill-building, experiential and meditation techniques.  Here are some of the topics we cover over the year that will give you a feel for the course. 

  • Your Star Origins

  • Spiritual Guides and Spiritual Purpose

  • The Shaman Within

  • The Goddess and Neopagan Ways

  • Native American Teachings

  • The Way of the Tao and Confucius

  • The Hindu Path

  • The Buddha Noble Eightfold Way

  • Judaic Traditions

  • The People of the Way (Christianity)

  • The Trail of Muhammad

  • Your Spiritual Blueprint


Starting in May 2017, this yearlong course meets one Sunday per month from

12:00-6:00pm.  Upon graduation, you may choose to be ordained as an Assistant

Minister in Medicine Signs Spiritual Center.  Course Instructor: Rev. Dr. Tom Norris.


Call or text Tom now at 786-201-2468 for more information, but you must register

by clicking on Class Registration Form.  Space is limited to 20 students.


Location: South Broward Medicine Signs Spiritual Center or Miami area location (based on student enrollment) 


Course Fee: $1300.  Payment plans available.  10% course discount for each person you bring to the course.  (if you bring 10 people, the course is free for you.)  $100 discount if course paid in full by May 1, 2017.  We accept checks, cash, all debit/credit cards and PayPal.

2007 Ministry I Class

2007 Ministry I Ordination.

2013 Ministry I Class

2013 Ministry I Ordination

2014 Ministry I Class

2014 Ministry I Ordination.

2017 Ministry I Class

2017 Ministry I Ordination

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