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Our Story

Medicine Signs Spiritual Center is a Universalist Church (nonprofit) that has been serving South Florida, the United States and the world since 1992 (our Silver Anniversary this year), making us one of the oldest spiritual centers in South Florida.  Here is some of what we have done over the years.

  • Weekly Sacred Circles

  • Spiritual Classes and Workshops through The Light University

  • Meditation and Study Groups

  • Spiritual and Pastoral Counseling, Healing and Guidance  (Online and In-person)

  • Prayers and Blessings

  • Weddings, Baptisms, Memorials and Sacred Ceremonies

  • Social Events for Singles, Couples, and Families

  • Spiritual School for Children

  • And so much more.

Spiritual Quote of the Week


"You must make the effort yourself.  The masters only point the way."

Lord Gautama Buddha, The Dhammapada

2017 Ministry I Ordination Class

A Picture Slide Sampler of Everything We Do
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Medicine Signs relies on your generosity to continue its wonderful spiritual work that has served thousands around the world over the past 29 years.  Please donate today!  Thank you.

What's Up

Protests Across U.S.

Check out this week's blogs, "A Time for Protest and Action", "Grandpa Tom Goes to Washington: Part I", "Grandpa Tom Goes to Washington: Part II".   Fresh Cup  Blog.

Our Logo and Symbols

As a universal spiritual teachings center, we honor all the great spiritual traditions, spiritual teachers, and spiritual pathways.  Our logo is the Native American Medicine Wheel, the Sacred Hoop of Life, representing all the pathways and byways of life that one can travel.   The symbols illustrated here are the Nordic Rune, the Native American Medicine Wheel, the Crescent of Islam, the Christian Fish, the Star of David, the Yin and Yang,  the OM, the Goddess, and the Egyptian Ankh. There are so many more, and they all speak to the same universal truths of love, peace, tolerance, hope and joy. The term “Medicine Signs” is a Native American concept speaking to the Sacred Medicine or Sacred Power present in each of us and in all things.

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