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Resistance is Futile. The Awakening

The Awakening.

Today we launch a new newsletter/blog called The Awakening.

As Universalists and Americans there are certain spiritual values we need to uphold. This newsletter/blog will address those issues from time to time. In the late 1950s a Chicago reporter wrote a book wherein he interviewed various German citizens, a baker, a college professor, and other ordinary citizens. He wanted to know why they allowed Nazism to flourish in a formerly sophisticated society with a history of great composers, artists, literary giants and philosophers. He wanted to know when they realized that they had become an authoritarian state. They told him it was very gradual and subtle, a little law here, a little civil right there. Then, it was the oppression of the Communists. Then, the intellectuals. Then the Jews. Nobody thought it would eventually be them. And, then it was.

This is a lesson for our country. A little law here. A little civil right there. First, it is the Muslims. Then, the immigrants. Then, the brown and black people. Then, the Jews. When will it reach us? We are at a crossroads in our democracy. We are losing the rule of law under this president. So, please let us not be those good German citizens who lost their democracy and their country. Let us be awake and aware.

I wrote the following blog on April 8, 2017. It explains the title and three years later is as relevant as the day it was written. Join us in The Awakening!

[Note: If you want to catch up on what is going on that is so threatening to our democracy, just watch the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, February 12-14. The Wednesday show will be an iconic show that will go down in history as a clarion call for awakening.]

April 8, 2017

Resistance is Futile. The Awakening

A couple of weeks ago in our weekly Sacred Circle discussion and meditation group, we debated the issue of using the word “Resistance” in relation to what is going on in our country today. I proudly consider myself to be in The Resistance in the sense that, as a spiritual person, particularly a Universalist, and as a patriotic American, I oppose many of the current policies of our President and his allies. Where do I begin? Immigration Rights? LGBTQ Rights? Planned Parenthood? Sexual abuse and assault/groping by men? Black Lives Matter? Racism and ethnocentrism? Anti-Semitism? Wall Street abuses? Ethics conflicts? Gun control? Russian hacking? The list just seems to go on and on. However, the issue we are discussing in this blog is not our right to take a stand to uphold our spiritual beliefs and values, it literally is about the word “Resistance.”

Let’s not forget to take into account the Spiritual Law of Attraction. Whatever you focus on with enough energy, whether positive or not, that is what you will draw to you. Mother Theresa said it well many years ago, “I will never attend an Anti-War Rally, but if you invite me to a Peace Rally, I will be there.” Like so many great spiritual teachers, she reminded us that words matter. As a guy, I used to pooh pooh this because I liked words and liked telling it like it is, and I did not really understand the energy behind words. My wife, Cate, has been patiently trying to drum this into my head for many years, and I finally got it—after innumerable times of drawing the wrong energies to myself because of my words and the beliefs hidden behind them.

Let’s think of some examples. How has the “War on Drugs” gone? Ever since they started using that terminology, it became more and more of a war, and drugs seemed to blossom everywhere. Let’s try the “War on Terror.” Ever since we announced that in the Bush Administration, it seems like terrorist groups and terrorist acts have proliferated everywhere. When we live in fear and anger consciousness, and use terminology that reflects that, that is what grows before our very eyes. And, we become more angry and fearful. And the circle goes round and round and round and round; the dog chasing its tail.

So, now, I am much more careful with my words and affirmations. So careful, that I must revisit the idea of being in The Resistance. Is there a better term that will not draw “resistance” to us like flies to honey? Under the Law of Attraction, the more we resist, the more we invite resistance. Mind you, I am not saying stop our protests and activism, just call it something more positive and effective. And voila, we received the answer in Sacred Circle. Thank you, Sarah Munoz. Sarah said, “Why don’t we call it The Awakening?” Brilliant. If you think about it, what are we attempting to accomplish? Aren’t we working to enlighten and awaken our people, our country and our leaders to a more loving, compassionate and respectful path?

This is not an airy-fairy, head-in-the-sand approach, because as I have mentioned in previous blogs, our activism is peaceful and loving, but also provocative and engaging (following the powerful tradition of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr). Awakening implies learning, evolving, growing and educating, all things that are part of our activist movement. I can participate in that, because my whole life has been a process of awakening. So join The Awakening. Join me in standing up for our values and principles, as we continue our own Awakening and as we assist in the Awakening of others.

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